It’s that time of year again! School-aged kids will return to school in just a couple of weeks, and parents of kindergarteners will be working on letting their little ones go, while parents of middle schoolers will be thankful for middle school teachers who have to deal with their young teens. All parents, regardless of their children’s age, will get a chance to breathe before nights of sports practice schedules take effect and waves of homework drama wash through the house.

Recover From Summertime!

If you are a parent of a returning student, the rest of this blog is for you. During this calm moment, take a look around and see what havoc summer hath wrought to your home. Your couch has likely been the scene of some serious TV binge watching during the summer months, and the cushions need a good cleaning and a proper fluffing. The refrigerator needs to be re-stocked with healthy ingredients for easy school lunches, and the carpet needs a good cleaning. The cool and rainy weather the last few weeks has probably had people bringing in mud. Kids seem to bring grass and dirt, no matter how good they are at taking off their shoes at the door.

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