Hard floors are sort of the middle child of floors: it’s easy to forget that the hard floors need cleaning too. Everyone remembers to take care of wooden floors, to sweep them, clean them and refinish them when needed. But tile gets forgotten other than a wet mop occasionally. And linoleum too needs more than just a mop and regular store cleaner to get it really clean. That’s where Ultimate carpet cleaning comes in.

Tile and Grout

  • Tile and grout floors can look worn and old when they haven’t been deeply cleaned for a time.
  • Especially the grout between the tiles can collect grime because it is a porous material.
  • Our super powerful, truck-mounted steam cleaning machine can get your tiles and grout looking clean and almost if it was just laid down.
  • We can also add a sealant to help keep them clean for a long time to come.

Linoleum and other Hard Surfaces

  • Our steam cleaner can clean any hard surface flooring.
  • Any porous flooring can get dirt and grime deep in the surface.
  • We do residential as well as commercial flooring.


  • Yes, of course, we do carpets too!
  • Our Aero Tech TX truck-mounted steam cleaner is the most powerful in the business.
  • This cleaning machine has the power to create super hot water, to thoroughly clean your carpet, as well as the power to suction out the maximum amount of water so it dries quickly.

When you need hard floors of any type or carpet cleaned in either your home or business, be sure to call Ultimate Carpet Cleaning in Saskatoon.