First impressions are critical, especially when it comes to the workplace. How we perceive the world, what we smell, see, touch, taste and hear, has an enormous impact on our state of mind. Entering an untidy office can be like running an obstacle course.

The cleanliness of a workplace can be reflective of the business itself. Just imagine if your office is hosting a business meeting. Your guests arrive and, as they head to the conference room, they see carpeting that’s discolored, stained, just plain dirty. The message this sends to your guests is that your business doesn’t value details and cuts corners. Whereas an office with clean carpeting speaks volumes towards a company that strives to get it right in all things.

For employees, the process of working in a messy environment can lead to low staff morale and high turnover. Since your employees can spend 8 hours a day and over while at work, even your top staff members can start to slip if they don’t take pride in their surroundings. But if your office sparkles, your employees will perform at a higher caliber of work.

At Ultimate Carpet Cleaning, we know that a workplace with tidy carpets and rugs helps employee productivity and sends a message of professionalism to partners. With years of experience, we’re the only real choice when it comes to carpet cleaning in Saskatoon. We think the secret of our longevity is our attention to detail and an ethos of doing the job right the first time.