What’s the difference?

If you are looking for a carpet cleaning company in Saskatoon, you may think doing a Google search and just picking one at random will get you basically the same service as any other company. It’s easy to think that all carpet cleaning companies are the same, but we will look at why this is not the case at all. Two factors that make all the difference, and that make Ultimate Carpet Cleaning the best choice, are the quality of customer service and the equipment used by the company.

Why Choose Us?

Quality of Customer Service

Ultimate Carpet Cleaning has been doing business in Saskatoon for over 25 years, and our staying power is due, in part, to our great customer service. We know that personal connections and respect are essential to building and maintaining good business relationships with our customers. Offering great customer service is easy when you genuinely like and respect our customers, which we do. When you want great customer service, along with clean carpets, be sure to call Ultimate Carpet Cleaning.

The Best Equipment

One huge difference that we offer, and that makes our carpet cleaning the best in Saskatoon, is our equipment. We use the Aerotech XT cleaning machine. This is the most powerful cleaning machine on the market. It is a truck-mounted machine and uses a super powerful diesel engine that produces 175 hp. This makes the difference in the temperature of the water and the suction power. The water can be heated to temperatures that allow cleaning chemicals to be thoroughly dissolved, as well as loosen tough stains in your carpets. The suction power pulls the maximum amount of water and dirt back out of the carpet, leaving it clean and dry.

To book an appointment for the cleanest carpets and the best customer service, call today.