With the Holidays coming quickly, it’s time to think about getting your house ready for guests. Everyone wants to feel ready to have people come into their home and when visiting, you want to feel welcome. There are some things you can do to work on both these things.  Here are some tips to get ready for the holidays.



  • Making your entrance welcoming is a great first step to making your guests feel welcomed.
  • A few lightly holiday-scented candles around the house give all the senses something to celebrate.
  • Get a large supply of tea lights ready to keep the small candle holders shining.

Get the Guestroom Ready

  • Have two sets of sheets for every bed ready so that you can just switch them out when necessary and not have to do the laundry in a rush.
  • Add some cozy holiday decorations to the guest room.

Freshen up the Paint

  • If you have one room that just doesn’t seem inviting, have it quickly repainted or add an accent wall.

Get the Carpets Cleaned

  • Have Ultimate Carpet Cleaning come out and clean your carpets.
  • Our Aero XT truck-mounted machine is powerful enough to get the deepest dirt out.
  • We can also clean tile or linoleum so your entryway and kitchen look great too!
  • Call ahead to get scheduled for the week before your guests arrive.

Don’t Forget the Birds

  • Make sure you pick up a large bag of bird seed so you can keep the birds fluttering near your windows.

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