When your carpets start to look dingy or there are stains from animals, parties or plumbing emergencies, you might consider renting a machine from a local big box store, but there are some compelling reasons that you should instead hire a commercial carpet cleaner. Hiring a professional will get you the best results for several reasons. Our experience, expertise, and our equipment make us the right choice for all your carpet cleaning needs.

The Ultimate Cleaning Machine: the Aero Tech XT

  • A carpet cleaning job is only as good as the equipment that is used and Ultimate Carpet Cleaning uses the cutting edge technology of the Aero Tech XT.
  • Our carpet cleaning machine is CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) gold level certified.
  • The engine of this truck runs the power cleaning machine and creates the power to clean your carpets with high pressure and superheated water.
  • The engine also creates suction to get the maximum amount of water out of the carpet.
  • Having your carpets clean, dry and usable as soon as possible is our goal and the Aero Tech TX makes this possible.

Licensed Staff

  • A registered technician will be charge of cleaning your carpet.
  • Their training and expertise make a difference between a kind-of-clean carpet and a deeply cleaned carpet.
  • Our technicians take part in continuing education to ensure they use the most cutting edge technology and techniques in the industry.

Call Ultimate Carpet Cleaning at (306) 700-2670 for all your carpet cleaning needs.