Other cleaning services offered ie., tile, decks, restoration

  1. Hard Floors Need Cleaning Too

    Hard floors are sort of the middle child of floors: it’s easy to forget that the hard floors need cleaning too. Everyone remembers to take care of wooden floors, to sweep them, clean them and refinish them when needed. But tile gets forgotten other than a wet mop occasionally. And linoleum too needs more than just a mop and regular store cleaner to get it really clean. That’s where Ultimate ca…Read More

  2. Why Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaner?

    When your carpets start to look dingy or there are stains from animals, parties or plumbing emergencies, you might consider renting a machine from a local big box store, but there are some compelling reasons that you should instead hire a commercial carpet cleaner. Hiring a professional will get you the best results for several reasons. Our experience, expertise, and our equipment make us the righ…Read More