How often should I clean my carpets?

Most carpet manufacturers will recommend cleaning your carpets once every 12 to 18 months. For high traffic areas, such as entryways and family rooms, you should clean as often as every one to six months. Keep in mind that, while your carpets may not look dirty, dust and allergens can build up unseen. Cleaning at least once each year is required for many carpet warranties

Will carpet cleaning remove every satin in my carpet?

No. Almost every stain can be removed, but some staining materials are more or less permanent. Old, stubborn stains may be difficult to remove. Carpet cleaning will, in most cases, remove or fade a stain. The worst stains may not be completely removed, but they can be made much less visible. Feel free to contact a carpet cleaner to ask about specific stains.

Are the chemicals used harmful to me or my family?

No. The chemicals used by our carpet cleaning companies are specifically chosen to be safe for humans and animals. You, your family and your pets are all safe. In fact, cleaner carpets may alleviate common household allergies.

How long does it take for my carpets to dry?

There many factors regarding the time it takes for carpets to dry. Typically the average carpet dries within 1-3 hours due to the immense vacuum created by our truck compared to 3-6 hours with any other system.

How should I prepare for the cleaners?

To assist the cleaning process, prepare the room beforehand. If possible, remove furniture and vacuum the carpets. Any small or fragile items should be removed from the room. Due to liability reasons anything that may get broken or fall over during moving will be left where it is during the appointment. Larger items such as couches and chairs may be moved at the technician’s discursion. If there is many pieces of furniture that need to be moved throughout the cleaning process, a surcharge may be added to the invoice. Any trouble spots or visible stains should be noted for the benefit of the cleaners, so they can focus on particular areas of concern.

Are your technicians certified?

Yes, through the institute of inspection, cleaning and restoration (IICRC). The worlds most recognized cleaning agency.