Ultimate Carpet Cleaning of Saskatoon has been serving this area for 25 years, providing residential and commercial carpet cleaning, hard floors cleaning, and emergency cleaning services. The end of summer is quickly closing in, and with it cool temperatures. Before your know it it will be snowing and all will be white below and gray above. This is when we retreat to our homes and enjoy our families and holidays. This is a great time to make sure our homes are clean and cozy. A great way to do that  is to have your carpets cleaned by Ultimate Carpet Cleaning.

  • Get that deep dirt! Our Aero XT truck mounted cleaning system is powerful enough to get the deepest dirt out of your carpets.
  • Our cleaning system has the power to suction out the cleaning agents and water, so it dries quickly and you can get back to enjoying your cozy home.
  • Fall is a great time to have your carpets clean of dust mites.
  • Have your tile or linoleum cleaned so they are holiday party ready!


Don’t settle for less!

  • We have the most powerful truck in the business and our technicians are highly trained to get your stains out of your carpets.
  • If you use a company that doesn’t have the suction we have, you could be left with water in your carpet, and if that happens you are more likely to develop mold and mildew problems.


Have it done right the first time! Call Ultimate Carpet Cleaning.

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